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die cast light housing
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In order to improve the quality of mechanical parts processing, need to find what is the main factor of machining error, this is the key, and then corresponding measures are needed to reduce or control the occurrence of these factors, then from shenzhen to introduce six methods of improving the quality of mechanical parts processing:
A grouping method, error: this method will hair bad or process on the machining dimensions measured according to the error size into n groups; According to the error of each range respectively after adjusting the die cast light housing position of the tool relative to the workpiece, can let each workpiece size range dispersion center, can let the size of the batch workpiece scattered greatly narrowed down.
Error compensation method: this method is to produce a new kind of original error, the offset in the original process system of original error, so as to reduce machining error, the purpose of the machining accuracy.
Three, the error transfer method: this method is essentially the process system of geometric error, mechanical deformation and thermal deformation transfer to does not affect the direction of the machining accuracy. For example, or with a transposition of multistep processes or the transfer tool post processing process, the degree, error transfer entrepreneurs will directly affect the parts on the surface machining accuracy.
Four, error homogenization method: this method using surface with close ties between each other, each other, or be processed using each other. It can make the local greater error is processing affect the entire surface evenly, make to the workpiece surface machining error is relatively uniform, thus the workpiece machining accuracy is greatly improved.
Five, on-site processing method: in the processing and equipment timing relationship between involves some precision parts, is quite complicated. If blindly raise the accuracy of the parts themselves sometimes difficult or even impossible, not only with local processing can solve this problem. Main points of the on-site processing hair: make sure what kind of position relations alloy die casting between parts, in this kind of position on the use of a part loaded on cutting tool for processing a part.
Six, directly reduce error method: this method is widely used in the production of a basic method. The law is on to find out the main original error factors affecting the machining accuracy, try to directly to eliminate or reduce.
Scientific arrangement of the production process can improve the product quality and efficiency of non-standard parts processing automation, grasp the production process, can improve the efficiency of CNC machining.
Nc lathe programming is basic on CNC machining, appropriate application of original programming method, combining the process and automation to reduce the error in nc machine tools, familiar with source program, improve the rate of programming, simple processing carved software.
Adjust well in advance of CNC lathe and jig, workpiece CNC blade relative CNC machining parts position to get the required specifications, using high precision roller bearing. General conditions, the workpiece is first accurate positioning and clamping. But in view of the plastic deformation of the workpiece, the clamping workpiece deformation. So in view of the plastic deformation of the workpiece, after first clamping precision positioning, define the optional activity.

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