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Stamping is not only to satisfy the requirements of the design of materials used, should also meet the requirement of stamping process and subsequent process requirement. Common sheet metal stamping car radiator cap for low titanium alloy, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and its alloy, etc. (1) copper, aluminum and its alloys because of its good extensibility, and conductive performance is excellent, so this type of stamping process often was widely used as the equipment of the components.
(2) carbon steel and stainless steel stamping process is often used in the manufacture of equipment for shell, the structure components, cabinet, etc., but because of its strong stiffness stamping oil is usually used to improve the process.
(3) titanium alloy stamping is mainly used for large equipment, such as aircraft, ships required weight small parts high strength, high technology difficulty so when making titanium alloy stamping dedicated stamping oil must be used to improve the process.
The requirement of stamping process
(1) in order to meet the requirements of the precision of the stamping parts, after stamping process is needed to determine number of process, because it not only with material nature, stretching factors, such as DIN screw plug height, number of deep drawing step will involve drawing diameter, the thickness of the material, etc. (2) on the precision requirement of the stamping parts, the complexity of the number of process mainly depends on its shape, so we need according to the number of the bending Angle, bending direction to determine factors such as comprehensive consideration.
(3) when stamping has reached the requirement of precision, fine, fine degree becomes the new technology of artifact standard. When pressing the cross section quality and dimensional accuracy is high, can directly use fine blanking process, to obtain the fine stamping parts.
The influencing factors of stamping
(1) better than alloy, pure metal material deformation of impurity elements usually cause embrittlement, all kinds of alloys have different effects. (2) metal than single multiphase deformation is good, the second Magnetic Drain Plug phase, the properties of the shape, size and number of different impact on the deformation. Deformation temperature (3) the shearing process technology, with the increase of temperature deformation also will increase, but the increase is not a simple straight line up.
(4) rate factors ultimately determines the change of the metal deformation.
Bearing (5) in the stress state on the greater the number, the more stress value when the deformation of the metal, the better.

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