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The characteristics of stamping process
(1) stamping can get complicated shape, complete artifacts with other processing methods.
(2) the high material utilization, workpiece light weight, good rigidity, high strength, low energy-consuming stamping process.
(3) the intensity of labor is low non standard fasteners and easy to realize mechanization and automation.
(4) used in stamping mould is generally complicated, long period and too high investment.
Metal stamping process
Die is to make the deformation of sheet metal separation or tool, it consists of two parts, upper die and lower die. According to the punching die structure dividing process basically can be divided into simple punching, stamping and compound stamping consecutive 3 kinds.
(1) simple stamping is completed in a punch stroke only a process of stamping process. Is a simple die blanking and punching.
(2) continuous punch is a punch stroke, in the mold in different parts of the complete collection of stamping process at the same time, every time send into distance is controlled by blocking pin.
(3) compound stamping is in a stroke, on the same part in the mold and stamping process that complete number. In composite is the biggest characteristic of stamping mould has a convex concave die, compound die is suitable for large batch, high precision stamping parts.
Metal stamping parts of material selection
Common sheet metal stamping for low titanium alloy, magnesium alloy, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and its alloys, such as their high plastic deformation resistance is low, suitable for metal stamping process.
(1) copper, aluminum and its alloys because of Steel investment casting its good extensibility, and conductive performance is excellent, so this type of stamping process often was widely used as electrical equipment components.
(2) carbon steel and stainless steel stamping process is often used in the manufacture of equipment for shell, the structure components, cabinet, etc., but because of its strong stiffness stamping oil is usually used to improve the process.
(3) titanium alloy stamping is mainly used for large equipment, aircraft, ships and satellites required weight small scenes of high strength, high technology difficulty so when making stamping dedicated stamping oil must be used to improve the level of technology.
The selection of metal stamping oil method
Stamping oil played a key role in the stamping process, good socket screw plug cooling performance and extreme pressure antiwear performance for improve the service life of die and workpiece precision have a qualitative leap. According to the different workpiece materials, stamping oil in use at the same time as the emphasis of the performance is different.
(1) silicon steel plate is relatively easy to die cutting materials, general to workpiece finished product easy to clean, on the premise of preventing the cutting burr can choose stamping oil of low viscosity.
(2) carbon steel when choosing stamping oil according to the technological difficulty level and method for oil and skim conditions to determine the better viscosity.
(3) because of galvanized steel sheet and chlorine additive can Stainless steel foundry produce chemical reaction, so the galvanized steel sheet should be paid attention to when choosing stamping oil type chlorine stamping oil white rust problem can occur, and using sulfur type punching oil can avoid rust problem, but should skim as soon as possible after stamping.
(4) stainless steel plate is prone to hardening of the material, requires the use of high oil film strength and good sintering resistance tensile oil. Generally use stamping oil containing sulfur chloride compound additive, while guarantee the extreme pressure performance, avoid artifacts appear problems such as burrs and rupture.

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