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Aluminum alloy non-standard parts processing, also known as CNC machining, car, milling, planing, drilling, grinding and other general manufacturing process production of non-standard mold parts, fitter and replacement, then assembled into all kinds of abrasive, high accuracy requirement of non-standard mold parts, need to use titanium machining parts precision machine tool for processing.
In order to make more automation non-standard mold parts, reduce the work bench and replacement, need to adopt numerical control machine tool processing mould parts. Manufacturing process can separate rough machining and finish machining.
After rough machining, non-standard parts for heat treatment, cutting stress and residual heat will be released in full, and then to carry on the fine processing, aluminum will largely improve the quality of aluminum alloy of non-standard parts.
Non-standard parts rough and finish machining advantage: stress produced by heat treatment to eliminate rough machining, in order to reduce the stress on the quality of the finish machining, improve the machining accuracy and surface quality.
CNC numerical control machining is a kind of using computer programming management to carry out the processing automation technology and the machinery and equipment. The application of CNC machine tool processing to the deep draw stamping commodity parts what are the benefits? Introduce a few simple details below. Machine series, general processing technical effect is relatively stable, can be processing service station and core or pillar type, vertical milling machining core, improve CNC machining processing using the category and solving ability.
CNC blade damage warning: in order to better ensure the CNC machine tool processing quality, chose a variety of technical inspection way, inspection CNC blade damage, destruction and alarm immediately.
Tool life management methods: unified management, according to the location, improve CNC machining commodity production process efficiency. Machine load power maintenance: according to China's urbanization research company to carry out the manufacturing process of load set different degree and load to the preset value, the machine can use the automatic power, professional and technical personnel for CNC machine tools to perform key damage ecological environment protection effect.
Now each of aluminium alloy shell with high quality requirements, the diversity of products during the whole process of processing must summarize out aluminum alloy shell should pay special attention to the preparation of machining, so when using all need to do well the preparation work?
First to plan ahead for the processing of CNC blade, then determine the method of aluminum alloy shell clip outfit, to give to the engineering drawings and aluminum alloy shell stamping mould material picture to carry out metal stamping parts the verification, determine the specifications of the aluminum alloy shell deformation, and its appearance is maintaining aluminum alloy shell surface cleaning, to ensure that no iron pin, oil stain, dust, write aluminum alloy shell processing procedure process, pay attention to the processing of the position of the blade with processing will meet jig. Calibration aluminum alloy shell jig, after calibration is necessary to carry out, ensure that during the whole process of processing is not easy to produce aluminum shell wrong move.

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